Monday, January 31, 2011

Here is one of my published how-to designs. Does it look familiar? I scanned the sample painted wooden box I used in the article, then made it into a gift card and money holder. You will find that digital download in the Collage Sheet Section of my shop.
That first year my beeskep box got on the cover! I freaked out when I saw it on the newstand at Barnes and Noble! I was too embarassed to have my husband take a pic of me holding a copy in the store! Then I sold more articles, and got on two more covers.

I soon got tired of lugging my display to craft fairs. So I decided to offer my home dec projects to national magazines. The first editor I approached contracted me for 5 designs that first year! My first design was for a tin punched lantern made from a recycled saurkraut can! Hey, you gotta start somewhere!
Remember when every American living room was dressed in medium blue and pink? If not, it was peach or green. That is the era of these photos!

Since this blog needs to tell my story, I will start with some "retro Rhonda" photos. I bought a how-to painting book and began playing around. My friend saw these original designs and told me to go sell them in gift shops. So, I did.

My pendant is in this lovely treasury!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

3D Stand Up Victorian Valentine

I just added this digital download yesterday. Arm is articulated. Hearts dangle from a thread. She fits in a standard A7 envelope.


I am brand new to blogging, so have mercy! I have an etsy shop with lots of new items for sale. My most popular items right now are my unique digital downloads. Please check them out! They truly are one of a kind.