Friday, May 10, 2013

Free DIY Recipes Using Fresh Dandelions and Violets From Your Yard, and more...

Before your mow down those ubiquitous dandelions and violets that are invading your yard, go here to learn about their health benefits and get free DIY reicpes ! I have some of the violet blossom vinegar sitting in a dark place right now. In a week or two it will be ready to use in my salad dressing recipe.

Today I am trying the violet and dandelion petals in raw honey.

 There is even an herbal scouring cleanser recipe for houshold cleaning.

Oooh, this is giving me ideas. How about a Royal Herbalist paper doll, with dandelions and violets? She would look cute with my Beekeeper paper doll.

Thanks, Nerdy Farm Wife! You have a lovely blog!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Must See Cathryn's Cool Design Idea...

You must go to this lovely blog and visit Cathryn, who did an awesome steampunk project. I am only showing you the close up in order to tease you. You will have to head over to the blog to see the finished product. She incorporated my Butterfly Fairy Doll torso (HP17) into it. There is a link there so you can buy the cool box she used for the piece.

Cathryn's creation will be going on tour to all the major UK craft shows where it will be on display.

Thanks, girlfriend, for taking my paper doll on the road with you! But, I have got to warn you, she's a picky eater.
Hugs, Rhonda!