Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dr. Phrend, The Insane Phrenologist

Thanks, ladies, for your suggestions and compliments.

I am running behind on Halloween. I have been busy designing the book cover for my husbands first novel! The book should be coming out soon. A new character has been added to my Halloween Paper Doll Parade: Dr. Phrend, the insane phrenologist, his wife and his scandalous mistress. Check them out on etsy.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Halloween Items Are Coming !

I am working on some fun things for Halloween 2011.

If you have suggestions for new paper doll parade concepts or other items, please shout them out. My NEW Marie Antoinette bride and groom with poodle bridesmaids and my Marie Antoinette botanist are the results of customer requests. Both of these are on etsy right now in the Marie section.

My 3D crow will be decked out in her Victorian finery. Her wings flap because they have brads. You add the skirt, just like with my witch and butterfly fairy dolls.

OTHER IDEAS that are rattling around in my head are...
Lizzie Borden
an articulated skeleton named Skellie Nellie
a new 3D witch
possible something to do with absinthe...which is a word I just learn that would work for Halloween.

RhondasOriginals is at Dipperly.com !

Have you heard of the new craft shopping place? It just opened last week. I am a charter member and am just setting up shop. Have a look!


A Funny Hurricane Irene Story

All of my shops are up and running after being closed for a week due to the hurricane.

We were supposed to go to a wedding at the Connecticut shoreline on the Sunday Hurricane Irene was due to hit Connecticut, but the bride and groom postponed it. The bride's name is Irene and the storm's name was Hurricane Irene. The local news got ahold of the story, interviewed the couple, and the spot ended up on CNN and NBC! Too funny!

I lost power for 4 days and once more later in the week. We were lucky; winds were minor. But I feel for the Vermonters. Who would have thought they would get demolished by a hurricane.