Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Halloween Items Are Coming !

I am working on some fun things for Halloween 2011.

If you have suggestions for new paper doll parade concepts or other items, please shout them out. My NEW Marie Antoinette bride and groom with poodle bridesmaids and my Marie Antoinette botanist are the results of customer requests. Both of these are on etsy right now in the Marie section.

My 3D crow will be decked out in her Victorian finery. Her wings flap because they have brads. You add the skirt, just like with my witch and butterfly fairy dolls.

OTHER IDEAS that are rattling around in my head are...
Lizzie Borden
an articulated skeleton named Skellie Nellie
a new 3D witch
possible something to do with absinthe...which is a word I just learn that would work for Halloween.


  1. This is very exciting news. We, at Casa de Cuckoo, will be waiting with anticipation for others to join the Halloween Parade. You do such a wonderful job of putting these characters together. The grands and I have so enjoyed preparing for Halloween well in advance and have our Parade ready to display. Even bought a new container to store these treasures that you create for us to create. Love um, love your work, love your fun spirit, Oma Linda

  2. could something E.A Poe(ish) be a possibility??
    But whatever designs you come up with..I know I will love them. :)