Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visit This Special Blog To See My "Before And After" Photos !

Linda at http://www.practicallymagickal.blogspot.com/ is a real sweetheart! She was nice enough to designate me as her Artist of the Month for this May!

Please stop by for a visit and see the "before and after" photos of my Mrs. Cobweb Halloween Paper Doll. While you are there, check out Linda's other great blog. She is a very talented and engaging writer. I think that after your visit, you will decide to follow her regularly!

Visit Linda here...


  1. Well what a downright neighborly thing to do sweetheart. I so appreciate the mention. Linda

  2. Lovely! I so enjoyed the use of the little bit from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik too. It totally supported your beautiful creations. I had no idea the piece that I bought this very morning was brand new either. Now to create it!